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    I’ll bring a picture of this to the discussion soon, but here’s the stocking list for my 55 Gallon

    5x Tetras (Tiny – need to identify)
    9x Diamond Tetras
    3x Baby Tetras (Yet to be identified)
    4x Corydoras (4 babies in another tank)
    3x Otos
    2x long Tailed Bristle Nose Plecos
    1x Asian Golden Clam (holding on to that for the Girlfriend)
    and a few shrimp and assassin snails.

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    I’m actually getting a little over stocked right now, my Diamond Tetras have bred, quite a lot, so I know have EIGHTEEN. ┬áThe smaller tetras have all passed on, and three of the baby Corydoras survived.

    The bristlenose pleco’s have also bred, three times, bringing the total up to 9 (best I can tell) baby bristle noses, leaving 11 in total.

    All in all, in panic mode with a fish store donation coming up in the near future!

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